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Non-Slip Resistance Bands Set

Non-Slip Resistance Bands Set

Non-Slip Resistance Bands Set

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Gyms closed, no stress, WE GOT YOU 💪. With this set of booty bands you have everything you need to build your perfect booty and more of course! Use the different booty bands several times a week and see your booty take shape in no time.


The common issue with booty resistance bands made out of latex/non-latex is that they don’t have any handle or anchoring arrangement for tightening over specific body parts.

As a result, ordinary hip mini resistance bands tend to slip under tension from their original position while doing squats, side and front leg raise thereby reducing the effectiveness of exercise resulting in frequent adjustment.

These anti-slip mini loop resistance bands are made with a mixture of polyester (a cloth fabric) and latex. The polyester prevents slipping by providing a rough surface while latex retains the elasticity.


Whether you are interested in bodybuilding or general fitness or Yoga/Pilates, it confidently slips into all the above spaces with ease.

Use these abductor exercise bands to perform bodyweight exercises or in combination with dumbbells.  Extra-wide mini strength bands come with three different levels of fitness -Beginner, Medium and Advanced for all body types.


These anti-skid mini loop resistance bands weigh only a few grams and occupy negligible space in your travel bag. Now you can’t excuse yourself from the workout for not having gym facilities in your reach while on the go.

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