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Resistance Bands Set Pro™

Resistance Bands Set Pro™

Resistance Bands Set Pro™

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Intensify your muscles and build that perfect beach body!

Resistance Bands Set Pro™ can be integrated seamlessly to improve your muscular endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, body awareness and coordination.

Apart from bodybuilding and fat burning, the fitness set is also useful for injury rehabilitation, perfect for beginners to experts.

Meet Some Incredible Features


The foam handles are made of anti-slip, sweat absorbing material for a comfortable grip. The door anchor turns your door into your own gym in seconds.


Compact package size and lightweight, the workout set will surely be a convenience and guarantee a much more interesting trip


The Loop Elastic Bands 5 resistance levels come in 5 resistance levels which used for a variety of applications, particularly lower body exercise to increase strength and balance, improve flexibility in glutes, knees and hips.


The band loops come with convenience, portability, and eliminates the need to tie traditional bands, thus prolonging life and reducing additional wear.

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