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Easy make-up brush cleaner

Easy make-up brush cleaner

Easy make-up brush cleaner

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Did you know that makeup brushes that are used daily should be cleaned every week to keep them free from bacteria and to make your skin glow?

How can you clean your make-up brushes in an instant? Beauty bees has your answer to this!

What happens if you do not clean make-up brushes and apply the make-up?

The number of bacteria in the brushes accumulates daily irritation of the skin

Blockage of your pores


Easy to clean in three steps

1 Attach the Easy Brush cleaner ™ ️ cleaning brush to the spinner

Pour water into the bowl (slightly less than half) and add a drop of soap to it

Dip & Spin with the Easy Brush cleaner ™ ️ to clean, rinse and run the Easy Brush           cleaner ™ ️ for at least 5-10 seconds to dry brush

Clean makeup brushes every week to minimize the chance of bacteria and make your skin shine!

Package includes:

1 x Easy brush cleaner
1 x Bowl
1x Brush spindle
1x Collar stand
8 x Make-up brush caps




















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